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November 27, 2012

I do nothing

Heyy Readers!! Long time no post. sorry for late posting. i was so busy with my fuckin' test and homeworks. yeah, gak usah basa-basi. hem...what do you do if you fall in love with someone? sebagian orang mungkin jawab "gue bakal ngelakuin apa aja buat dapetin dia" sebagian lagi mungkin menjawab "gue bakal berusaha buat deketin dia" dan sisanya mungkin bakal jawab "i do nothing". nah, mungkin gue termasuk yang sisaan itu :')

I have a crush. But all i can do nothing. i try to hide my feeling all the time. but, everything back when i see him closely. the way he talks, walks, smiles, everything. i'm in love with everything he did and everything about him.

tapi, pas gue tau statusnya dia unavailable, miris emang. gue berusaha ngejauh dari segala hal tentang dia. tapi kayankya susah. apa gue harus deketin dia? sounds slut, right? dan kembali ke jawaban semula. I do nothing. and it's just a simple damn love trouble.

"If i hadn't met you, i wouldn't like you. If i didn't like you, i wouldn't love you. If i didn't love you, i wouldn't miss you. But, i did and i will." - Damn It's True

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